Specialty Coolers

Power Steering, Fuel, Rear-End, and ATV Oil Cooler Systems
For use with street machines; strip, circle track, off-road, or sprint car racing; RVs, 4WD, and Service vehicles. Coils feature Turbulator™ heat sink inserts for maximum heat dissapation. All coils are 100% flushable and come with a Lifetime warranty. Standard Coils feature rugged multi-barb hose barbs, while the HD models are Competition ready and feature either NPT (female) or -6 AN (male) fittings to provide secure attachment.

• Power Steering Cooling Systems prevent premature pump failure
• Rear-End Cooling Systems keep gear lube cool and allows faster shifts
• Fuel Cooling Systems lower fuel density, prevent vapor lock, and cool fuel for better overall engine performance
• ATV Cooler System is Universal and compact for maximum applications


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