Single Row (Headered) Competition Coils

Perma-Cool® manufactures a variety of Competition Cooler Coils for maximum performance in hostile environments normally associated with motorsports competition. Our headered style coolers feature 5/8" copper tubes with Turbulator™ heat sink insert fins, copper headers and  aluminum cooling fins. The headered coolers provide the highest BTU transfer with the least amount of resistance to high volume flow. Single row coils provide optimum cooling in low air flow environments. Coils are 100% pressure tested to 300 PSI.

• Transfers maximum BTUs per volume oil flow
• Single row coolers provide optimim cooling in low airflow environments
• Headered design yields highest flow rates with lowest flow resistance
• Rugged silver solder construction withstands pressure spikes
• Coils are flushable and covered by a lifetime warranty
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