Oil Adapters

Perma-Cool® Oil Adapters are die cast in USA from aerospace quality aluminum and machined on our CNC production line. O-rings and illustrated instructions included. Fittings and AN adapters sold separately.
Spin-On Adapters convert the oil filter landing on the engine block to an oil passage for use with a remote oil cooler and/or a remote oil filter.
Block-Off Adapters are the perfect solution to use when omitting the oil filter is desired. Adapters route oil from the pump directly into oil galleys.
Sandwich Adapters install between the oil filter landing on the engine block and the oil filter to route the oil to a remote oil cooler. Add a remote oil cooler without relocating the oil filter.
Competition Adapters have a BLACK ANODIZED FINISH; ideal for marine applications.
Turbo Oiler Adapters provide cool oil to the turbocharger.