Maxi-Cool™ Junior Cooling Systems

Maxi-Cool™ Junior Coolers are engineered to provide continuous cooling for transmissions with extreme operating temperatures such as vehicles with high stall speed converters, trans brakes or racing transmissions, Maxi-Cool™ Junior Coolers feature Turbulator™ heat sink inserts in 1/2" aluminum tubes with 3/4" aluminum fins. Ideal for Super Comp, Super Gas and bracket cars. Rugged metal mounting brackets solidly connect the electric fan to the cooler coil. Equipped with -6 AN Male fittings and AN to Hosebarb fittings for your choice of oil hose types: standard or braided steel hose. Supplied with P/N 109 Heavy Duty Mounting System.

• Provides optimum cooling in a compact design
• Available in 6 pass and 8 pass models

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 Plumbing installation systems and electric fan wiring systems sold separately.