Engine Oil Coolers

The ideal operating range for the engine is between 180°F and 200°F. While operating within this range, the oil works as a lubricant, coolant and cleansing agent for the engine. Modern engines generally run with radiator coolant temperatures between 200°F and 220°F with oil temperature ranges between 20°F to 75°F HOTTER. In other words, when the engine is performing flawlessly the engine oil is already over-heating! Oil that exceeds 220°F rapidly loses its ability to lubricate and cool causing accelerated fatigue and premature component failure. 

Perma-Cool® Engine Oil Cooler coils are engineered for maximum cooling efficiency with no restriction in oil flow. Because different engines have varying oil flow requirements, Perma-Cool® rates Engine Oil Coolers by engine horsepower and oil flow rates.This results in cooler coil and engine oil flow rates that match closely. Perma-Cool® Engine Oil Coolers can reduce the oil temperature to between 180°F to 200°F and keep it there. Benefits are longer engine life, reduced heat load on engine and radiator, increased oil system capacity, lower under hood temperatures, and more. If you spend any time in stop and go traffic, do ANY kind of towing, drive in a hot climate or frequent use your air conditioning your engine NEEDS a Perma-Cool® Oil Cooler. If you have a recreational vehicle or any type of performance vehicle your engine demands a Perma-Cool® Oil Cooler.