25100 Fan Clutch, Universal (Non-Thermal) 7-1/4"

Universal Fan Clutch, Non-Thermal 7-1/4" Diameter 
Clockwise or counter clockwise fan rotation

A novel concept in clutch design prevents hot spots which can cause shortened clutch life. We call this QUADRA-GRIP™, which is an exclusive cross grid / groove design on each face of the internal parts on our dutches. While rotating, QUADRA-GRIP™ causes the viscous fluid to flow in all lateral directions preventing hot spot tracking. The result is a cooler clutch, longer bearing life and an increased fan power range. Our fan clutches have more surface area with the exclusive new spiral staggered fin design. This fin grabs larger bites of air for maximum heat dissipation. 

Universal fan clutch part number 25100 covers over 90% of all domestic applications and fits both standard and reverse rotation systems. Fully illustrated instructions included.

U.S. Patent 4,899,860. Republic of China Patent UM 44,733 and Pat. Pend.

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25100 Fan Clutch, Universal (Non-Thermal) 7-1/4"

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