19501 Cool Pack Late Model Ford Mustang

Cool-Pack Radiator Cooling System
Ford Mustang unit, 19" x 25" radiators.

Cool-Pack systems feature dual high-output electric fans. The robust aluminum assembly incorporates laser cut fan openings, airflow enhancers and has a special SAE black powder coated finish that is impervious to acids, oils and fuels. Peak airflow is maximized with a special cross flow isolator, a Perma-Cool® exclusive. Universal Cool-Packs provide universal mounting holes to allow for easy installation with little to no modifications. Fully illustrated instructions included. Models are available for most popular full-size pickups and SUVs. Not recommended for heavy towing applications. Click here for Cool-Pack trouble shooting, warranty policy, and return policy.

• Eliminates factory fan clutch, fan and shroud.
• Increases horsepower and torque.

• Provides efficient cooling.
• Simple hand tool installation.
• Improves fuel mileage.
• Features all-aluminum 12" fan blades.

  • Item #: 19501

19501 Cool Pack Late Model Ford Mustang

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