19113 High Perf. Electric Fan (13") 3000 CFM

13" High Performance Electric Fan
Mounting Area Req’d. 14" x 14" x 3 3/4"
RPM 2050, AMP Draw 10.5, 3000 CFM
Mounting bolt hole dimensions, across: 11.50; diagonal: 16.250

Our electric fans are the most powerful electric fans available and are capable of moving almost twice the volume of air as competitive models. High Performance models feature high RPM precision motors with dual ball bearing armature supports for longer life, lightweight aluminum blade assemblies, and open steel housings, for unrestricted air flow.

• Ideal for use as primary cooling fans
• Reversible "push/pull" for mounting on either side of the radiator
• Perfect for engine swaps
• Fully illustrated instructions included
• Wiring systems sold separately 

All Electric Fans REQUIRE a 30 Amp Fuse for start-up protection.

  • Item #: 19113

19113 High Perf. Electric Fan (13") 3000 CFM

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