18905 Electric Fan Wiring Kit, Adjustable (Probe Style)

Electric Fan Wiring Kit with probe thermal sensor.
Probe type sensor mounts between the radiator fins.

Adjustable Wiring Systems include all of the components for single fan installation. Unique silicon chip temperature sensor ensures accurate temperature readings to within ±1°F. Adjusts from 170°F to 210°F (77°C to 99°C), and shuts off at approx 20° lower than the temperature at which it was activated. Pre-wired module wiring harness, fuse block power taps, in-line fuse holder with 30 amp fuse, wiring diagrams for single and dual fan applications, and illustrated instructions included.

Dual fans require an additional 40 Amp Relay Kit, Part Number 18902, sold separately.

  • Item #: 18905

18905 Electric Fan Wiring Kit, Adjustable (Probe Style)

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