1072 Oil Thermostat System, -6 AN Fittings

When engine oil or transmission fluid temperature exceeds 180°F the thermostatic valve closes, allowing 95% flow through the oil cooler. At temperatures below 180°F the valve is open, with 90% of the oil by-passing the cooler. The remaining 10% of the oil flows through the cooler, maintaining constant system pressure, preventing air pockets and eliminating cold oil shock. Flows up to 20 gallons per minute, and rated to 200 PSI. Fully illustrated instructions included. Thermostat mounting systems are sold separately.

System include four -6AN hose fittings, 2 metal mounting straps and 2 nylon tie mounts (U.S. Patent 4,517,702), and all necessary hardware to mount remote oil thermostat p/n 1072.

• Prevents over cooling in cold climates
• For use with transmission coolers or engine coolers
• Automatically regulates oil or fluid temperature
• Provides quicker warm-ups to operating temperatures
• Improves powertrain efficiency and gas mileage

  • Item #: 1072

1072 Oil Thermostat System, -6 AN Fittings

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